Tuesday, June 14, 2005

maybe they can make it into the EU at the last minute...

So here i am, sitting at my desk, waiting patiently, as the minutes tick by...and i guess they just expect to work all night at home, but basically im waiting for the budget that i must TRANSLATE as if i know bulgarian, so that this town can have a festival...am i bitter? yes a little maybe. im just tired of all this last minute "here you do it" bs that everyone pulls. I mean, i finished my share last friday! just so i wouldnt have to be stressed...i almost want to not translate the budget in time just to teach them a lesson, in fact, i really dont want them to get this grant so that they learn they cant just do everything at the last minute like this...all i can say is GOOD LUCK JOINING THE EU...

okay, now that i got that off my chest, im feeling a little under the weather which may be contributing to my crankiness...

luckily the weather is nice and warm again, and when im done with this project im taking a pochifka (rest) and hopefully not get sicker...

last night i had horrible dreams about being in jewish concentration camps...very nightmarish...almost done with schindler's list and hopefully then i'll have a good nights rest.

since lettuce season is over, ive been eating lots of cabbage...not too bad, actually quite tastey. im going to have a very strange diet when i get back to the states...feta cheese with everything!!!! and i mean everything...cabagge galore...and yummy recipes from my peace corps cookbook!

love always, shaina rose

Monday, June 13, 2005

so can you or cant you make up sleep?

On friday i headed to sofia and speant the day in the peace corps office working on a grant that im writing (due wed! thank god i cant wait to be done with it) so i saw lots of pcvs that i hadnt seen in a long time...and it just made me realize how i cant stand the small talk recquired when you see these people you kinda know but not really, so just put me head phones on so i could ignore them and not have to do the "so, how's your site?" routine...nor am in interested in what work theyre doing...so i love headphones, theyre like a shield.

well, i met up with my friends chrissy, stef, & kelsey, (and some newbie B17s, who've been here for about a month now) and we went out to karaoke...it was sooo fun except some bulgo dudes kept stealing the songs we picked and wouldnt give us the mics to sing...that made me angry...

well, i called my friend annie and her and her bf came to the bar and then told us to come to a party with them. we all piled into 3 cabs and fortunately ditched the newbies because one of them was the most annoying girl in the world who didnt pay her share of the bill...they ended up at some other club (dont worry, they were with an aussie dude they were all goo goo over all night that was staying at the hostel...

so we get to the party which was totally fun and were there all night. and then we headed back the hostel and passed out.

the next morning we headed to ONDA, an awesome coffee shop with carmal macchiatos and yummy croissants...and once again ran into the group of B16s that was there...and theyre my group but i really cant stand them. they always go out in giant packs of like 10 and are snobby and fake...so we sit at a separate table and only one of them comes over to say hello and talk with us...man im thankful i rarely see these people...and this whole idea of "forced friends" (a lot of pvcs talk about their friends here, mostly joking but i think it's a stupid idea) people talk about...i think that's a load of BS because my friends in peace corps arent forced, theyre actually my friends...id rather be alone than waste my time with people who i could give two shits about what they have to say. especially when i can just slip on my headphones and listen to good music instead...

so, on sat i went back to blagoevgrad with kelsey and we watched "hotel rwanda" which is really really good and really really sad. and at the end i just sat in the movie theatre sobbing, and the dude was sitting there watching us (me and kelsey) waiting for us to leave so he could shut the door and start cleaning.

i just cant believe what people do to each other...how we treat each other...but then there's one or two like Oscar Schindler, and Paul (in hotel rwanda) are like "this is wrong, i'm not going to allow this to happen" and they fight it. i just wish those people outnumbered the other's.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

tata frittata

oh so, i was supposed to go to Greece yesterday, for my project. well it turns out there was no room for me in the car. so i got to hang out in the office alone and continue writing the grant. fun. im kinda glad though because the town is barely across the border, and being in the car with a ton of bulgos and then all day with greeks, and no one who speaks english seemed a little daunting. Although i was looking forward to buying a ton of Camel Blues and selling them to other volunteers at a higher price and making some bones. unfortunately all my entreupenerail dreams were dashed.

So the other night i cooked dinner with afriend of mine. We bought some wine and made some yummy food. I chopped up a bunch of veggies and seasoned em and then put some chicken breasts on top and baked it all in the oven, it was super tastey...and officially the second time ive cooked meat in my apartment.

well, there was a ton leftover so i decided to turn it all into a fritata. ohmigod it is so good! my counterpart came over for lunch today and she liked it too.

so, today im heading to blagoevgrad and spending the night a friends, and then tomorrow im heading to sofia to get my phone fixed, and some help from my program managers on this grant im writing.

hopefully ill have some exciting stories to tell on monday... and not what i cooked for dinner...hehe


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

a day in the life...

Today we had a japanese tourist come into the museum...and my counter part said "that's the first japanese person who's ever come in here!" and i said "really? we should have asked him to make us sushi!"

I bought some bisquits today that i cant stop eating. they're greek. i think they put some greek heroin or something in them. at least that's what im telling myself. im gonna have to be rolled out the museum by the end of the day.

so i had the big human trafficking seminar on friday. about 145 people came to watch the movie "Svetlana's Journey" a really graphic story of a 13 year old girl sold into sex slavery. Very sad, and unfortunately very realistic. it's a big problem here. Well, the director of Face to Face bulgaria came to talk to the kids, but unfortunately my stupid mayor who is obsessed with the media and PR invited a politician named Boiko to the seminar who totally hijacked the whole thing and brought in his own movies, and pictures of himself, and fucking gun tucked into his belt. he talked and talked forever, So after the mayor reminded him that the face to face people still had to show their movie, he was like "oh, okay" and went down and sat down for a second until he was bombarded by children asking for his autograph...the bulgos went googoo over the dude and forgot about the reason they were there. he finally went outside and the few people who stayed to watch the movie and not fawn all over the bald fat bulgo with a gun, were able to watch the movie in peace. however, it seems bulgo children have no idea of civic duty or pride and the only things that are important to them are their gsm's, fake dolce and gabanna clothing, pouting (for the girl child bulgos), and computer games (for the boy child bulgos).
This was made apparent to me when the director of mtel (one of two bulgarian cell phone service providers) recieved a huge applause from the kids. and the executive director of face to face...nada.
and i know no matter what i try to do to get these kids involved in an issue...they just dont care. they are absolutely the most apathetic bunch of kids ive ever come across. quite sad actually.

So my cell phone is totally fucked. my display doesnt work. and i went to like 5 different place in sandanski only to be told i have to go to the godamn capital to get it fixed...but at least im heading there on friday to do some work in the peace corps office, and play flag football on sat...all the profits go to the orphanage.

tova e za dnes.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My sister is my soul mate, weird...

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Dara is your soulmate.
You truly love Jenn.
You consider Roxanne your true friend.
You know that Shannon is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Santiago for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Kira is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Jamie is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Rebecka is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Rebecka changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Dara is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Dara has a hidden internet romance.

What Do You Think of Your Friends?

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